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What’s for Valentine’s Day dinner?


20-02-14 Snapshots 1 Parkinson W.jpg

“Homemade pizza with heart-shaped pepperoni, and red wine, preferably Dunham Cellars. Then chocolate, of course.”

Norah Parkinson, Ketchum mom

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“On the east side of Main Street, Ketchum. My fiancée Mikey’s favorite restaurant is Enoteca and mine is the Pio. Then we’re going ice skating.”

Killarney Loufek, Ketchum firefighter

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“I’m getting married the day before Valentine’s Day, and my husband is cooking me steak on Valentine’s.”

Andrea Hernandez, Bellevue lead barista

20-02-14 Snapshots 4 McCaw Carpenter W.jpg

“I’m going out to dinner with my ex-boyfriend, his wife and my husband. We’re going to Pacific Palisades to dine.”

Leslie McCaw, Carpenter, Ketchum mom

20-02-14 Snapshots 5 Merklinghaus W.jpg

“Smokey Bone BBQ. I’m picking up smoked prime rib, baked pota-toes and a side dish. That’s their special on Friday, so every Friday night is Valentine’s Day.”

Leah Merklinghaus, Ketchum shop owner

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