What advice would you give to a graduating high school senior?


19-06-12 Snapshots 1 Bell WEB.jpg

“Find your life passion, chase it hard but keep economic reality in check.”

Tara Bell, Hailey entrepreneur

19-06-12 Snapshots 2 Lampl WEB.jpg

“Moderation. Go experience life, just remember moderation.”

Cody Lampl, Ketchum pro hockey player

19-06-12 Snapshots 3 Gould WEB.jpg

“Learn as much as you can and follow your true passions.”

Roger Gould, Ketchum trustee

19-06-12 Snapshots 4 Harmon WEB.jpg

“Stay focused on what you want and don’t let anyone discourage you.”

Todd Harmon, Ketchum investment manager

19-06-12 Snapshots 5 Tobia WEB.jpg

“Be open to new ideas and take great care of our planet.”

Elisa Tobia, Mid-valley, self employed

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