What are your plans to celebrate Father’s Day?


19-06-14 Snapshots 1 Pawliw WEB.jpg

“I’m giving my dad a heart that I made that says ‘I love you dada.’”

Chloe Pawliw, Ketchum student

19-06-14 Snapshots 2 Torres WEB.jpg

“We’re going on a bike ride.”

Zack Torres, Ketchum student

19-06-14 Snapshots 3 Pitsch WEB.jpg

“Go golfing remembering my dad. He was a golfer and my brother and I started this tradition about 10 years ago.”

Scott Pitsch, Kalispell, Mont., natural stone mining

19-06-14 Snapshots 4 Flandro WEB.jpg

“We’re taking Dad camping over the pass with our bikes.”

Van Flandro, Ketchum student

19-06-14 Snapshots 5 Frazier WEB.jpg

“My parents live in Sandpoint and I made my dad a card and they’re coming for a visit.”

Megan Frazier, Sun Valley, architectural drafter

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