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What’s your favorite thing to cook on Thanksgiving?


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“My sweet potatoes. I cut them in half and roast them and then put roasted pecans and gorgonzola cheese on top.”

Madeline Morton, Ketchum skin care

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“I enjoy making desserts. Grand Marnier pumpkin pie and Grand Marnier cheesecake are two of my favorites.”

Gigi Daniels, Ketchum baker

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“Dessert. Something different every year that’s challenging with a hint of tradition. This year I’m making a white chocolate pumpkin mousse.”

Lacey Kraft, East Magic aesthetician

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“Wild rice stuffing. Because that’s my favorite thing to eat.”

Kris Vroman, West Magic retired

19-11-15 snapshots 5 Shapiro W.jpg

“Turkey. I brine my bird to get it extra tender and I massage the herb-butter mix under the skin.”

Ira Shapiro, Ketchum house painter

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