Do you have any quirky traditions for bringing in the new year?


20-01-03 Snapshots 1 Lecanda W.jpg

“Doing something new out of my comfort zone, like taking the polar bear plunge, is a good learning experience for me.”

Luis Alberto Lecanda, Hailey training for Olympics

20-01-03 Snapshots 2 Whittaker W.jpg

“I eat a corn dog every New Year’s at midnight.”

Gabriella Whittaker, Ketchum student

20-01-03 Snapshots 3 Schreder W.jpg

“I go to a 6:15 yoga class every year.”

Lily Schreder, Ketchum student

20-01-03 Snapshots 4 Coulthard W.jpg

“Going to Grumpy’s and riding in one of the clothes dryers in the laundromat.”

Emma Coulthard, Sun Valley student

20-01-03 Snapshots 5 Fairman W.jpg

“I say rabbit-rabbit and I go straight to Grumpy’s.”

Abby Fairman, Ketchum hedge funds

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