What is on your Christmas wish list?


19-12-06 Snapshots 1 Fredericksen W.jpg

“To go skiing and to visit my new nephew in Colorado.”

Emma Fredericksen, Gooding city employee

19-12-06 Snapshots 2 Muskari W.jpg

“For people to enjoy the season, slow down and not stress over everything.”

Sabine Muskari, Ketchum city worker

19-12-06 Snapshots 3 Richards W.jpg

“I’d like a new saddle. An English one without handlebars would be fine.”

Peggy Richards, Hailey interior designer

19-12-06 Snapshots 4 Gibson W.jpg

“For everyone to have a happy and safe holiday.”

Keller Gibson, Mid-valley firefighter

19-12-06 Snapshots 5 Gosnell W.jpg

“A neon Coors sign.”

Jasmine Gosnell, Hailey baker

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