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How do you beat the heat?


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“I’ve got A.C. at my house, and other than that, I go jump in the pond at the yurt.”

Josh Fields, Hailey real estate agent

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“We haven’t had any heat yet this summer, but when it comes, I take a dip in the river.”

Tracy Lee, Board Ranch cell tower ops 

19-07-19 Snapshots 3 Thomas.jpg

“At work I’ll go for a bag of lettuce in the walk-in. After work, I’ll go to the river.”

Trevor Thomas, Ketchum chef

19-07-19 Snapshots 4 Hollis.jpg

“Here in Sun Valley, I go fly fishing. At home in Georgia I go to the mountains in North Carolina.”

Dabney Hollis, Atlanta, Ga., retired

19-07-19 Snapshots 5 Miller.jpg

“When the heat is on, you beat it with a stick.”

Randy Miller, Hailey motorcycle rider

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