What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?


19-11-22 Snapshot 1 Owen W.jpg

“Being around people that you are thankful for and green bean casserole.”

Teresa Owen, Sun Valley bartender

19-11-22 Snapshot 2 Mosher W.jpg

“I don’t cook anymore, so I’m actually looking forward to day-drinking at Knob Hill.”

Ruthie Mosher, Ketchum retired housewife

19-11-22 Snapshot 3 Depperschmidt W.jpg

“Getting on the chairlift is going to feel so good.”

Quinn Depperschmidt, Ketchum ski tuner

19-11-22 Snapshot 4 Bitler W.jpg

“Eating, of course, and since moving to Idaho, skiing has become a new Thanksgiving tradition.”

Becca Bitler, Ketchum accountant

19-11-22 Snapshot 5 Geddes W.jpg

“Food. It’s my favorite holiday to spend with family and eat my grandma’s cooking.”

Mary Geddes, Sun Valley store manager

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