What’s your favorite part of the sheep festival?


19-10-11 snapshots 1 Hillman W.jpg

“I love the entire festival for its sense of community, festivity and beautiful seasonal colors and time of year.”

Kitty Hillman, Ketchum retired

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“My 6-year-old daughter and I love the parade and enjoy the sheep walking down the middle of Main Street. You don’t see that anywhere else.”

Jinny Olsen, Ketchum real estate

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“Sheepdog trials. I love the relationship between handler and dog.”

Jennifer Goitiandia, Mid-valley interior designer

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“Folk Life Fair because of the different ethnicity that is reveled associated with the local sheep industry.”

Michael Goitiandia, Mid-valley entrepreneur

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“I like the sheep parade. It brings families together and joins us as a community. The different cultures, dancers and colors are all fun to watch.”

Nicole Hidalgo, Hailey student

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