What do you hope to accomplish, do or visit before the end of summer?


19-07-26 Snapshots W 1 Minor.jpg

“Work lots to save money for school and go to the sand dunes on my dirt bike.”

Wyatt Minor, Ketchum college student

19-07-26 Snapshots W 2 Bullock.jpg

“I hope to get my boat out and go fishing instead of working all the time. More fishin’, less bitchin’.”

Mike Bullock, Hailey construction

19-07-26 Snapshots W 3 McGovern.jpg

“I want to read a book. Specifically, “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.”

Eleanor McGovern, Denver, Colo., student

19-07-26 Snapshots W 4 Wharton.jpg

“My retirement—Sept. 1. I’m looking forward to going fishing in Alaska.”

Larry Wharton, Carey electrical inspector

19-07-26 Snapshots W 5 Johns.jpg

“To take my daughter backpacking for the first time. I also want to hike to Pioneer Cabin.”

Elisa Johns, Los Angeles, Calif., artist

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