Has the coronavirus affected your life, or have you changed any travel plans?


20-03-06 Snapshots 1 Atencio W.jpg

“No. I think everyone is going to be fine as long as we wash our hands and use good common sense.”

Idie Atencio, Salt Lake City photographer

20-03-06 Snapshots 2 Ambriz W.jpg

“Not sure. We have a trip planned to Seattle and we’re taking the “wait and see” approach to see how things are in two weeks.”

Estefani Ambriz, Bellevue barista

20-03-06 Snapshots 3 Largent W.jpg

“No. As long as they don’t run out of limes. Can’t have a Corona without a lime.”

Billy Largent, Ketchum ticket master

20-03-06 Snapshots 4 Voyles W.jpg

“Yes, it has. Our Thailand trip had to be cancelled. We had a three-hour layover in Wuhan, China.”

Amanda Voyles, Ketchum bartender

20-03-06 Snapshots 5 Reed W.jpg

“No. Just traveled here by air from Honduras and did not see any effects other than maybe a few masks.”

Frank Reed, Ketchum retiree

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