What excites you the most about the start of summer?


19-06-21 Snapshots 1 Phipps WEB.jpg

“Wildflowers and the hiking associated with them.”

Jaye Phipps, Hailey massage therapist

19-06-21 Snapshots 2 Davidson WEB.jpg

“I like that it is still light out when I go to bed.”

Nors Davidson, Ketchum lawyer

19-06-21 Snapshots 3 Hardy WEB.jpg

“We come here for the lovely weather and adventure that summer in Sun Valley offers.”

Nicole Hardy, Elkhorn health care

19-06-21 Snapshots 4 Moe WEB.jpg

“Everyone has a smile on their face and a bounce in their step for everything that summer has to offer here.”

Jake Moe, Ketchum tennis coach

19-06-21 Snapshots 5 WEB.jpg

“Lake season. I love to boat and fish at Pettit, Alturas and Redfish lakes.”

Justin Taylor, Ketchum real estate agent

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