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What kind of food do you like to grill?


19-05-31 snapshots 1 Flynn WEB.jpg

“Dark-meat chicken. I add honey and red chili paste or flakes. Sweet and heat makes the skin crispy.”

Sean Flynn, Hailey restaurateur

19-05-31 snapshots 2 Frehling WEB.jpg

“Ribeyes and kabobs. I like the never-ending and tedious pursuit of the perfect steak.”

Jacob Frehling, Ketchum executive barista

19-05-31 snapshots 3 Closser WEB.jpg

“Steak, sausages and corn on the cob. All those items taste best grilled. I learned how to grill from my mom.”

Avery Closser, Hailey restaurant worker

19-05-31 snapshots 4 Emerson WEB.jpg

“Seared carne asada over a hot charcoal fire started with a Yankees hat.”

Jeff Emerson, Bellevue Higher Ground staffer

19-05-31 snapshots 5 Neary WEB.jpg

“St. Louis-style baby-back ribs on my Traeger grill. Low and slow with red pepper flakes.”

Mike Neary, South of Bellevue Chums salesman

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