What have you enjoyed about following women’s World Cup soccer?


19-07-05 snapshots 1 Kachurak CMYK.jpg

“Nice to see the U.S. back in the finals. Good to see the U.S. play so well in international play and watch exciting, close games.”

Andy Kachurak, Reno, Nev., retired

19-07-05 snapshots 2 Tavarez WEB.jpg

“Seeing the U.S. women players’ enthusiasm and seeing all the supportive young girls in the stands.”

Susie Tavarez, Sun Valley, retired

19-07-05 snapshots 3 Crutchfield WEB.jpg

“It’s the most consecutive wins by a team in women’s World Cup history. They have also scored in the first 12 minutes of every game.”

Liza Crutchfield, Charlotte, N.C., college student

19-07-05 snapshots 4 Morgan WEB.jpg

“Most significantly, how clean the U.S. has played. It’s exciting to see the U.S. do so well internationally ... it’s fun to see the girls on center stage.”

Maddie Morgan, Sun Valley student athlete

19-07-05 snapshots 5 Cunningham WEB.jpg

“It’s right to see the underpaid women achieve the level of success that they have.”

Ed Cunningham, Ketchum guide

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