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What are your plans for Labor Day?


19-08-16 snapshot 1 Sheehy W.jpg

“I’m going to the Ryan Bingham concert. It’s a date night with my husband.”

Sara Sheehy, Bellevue writer

19-08-16 snapshot 2 David W.jpg

“Last hurrah before I start my gap year ... I hope to decide my future college and life choices.”

Tillie David, Ketchum yoga studio employee

19-08-16 snapshot 3 Kraft W.jpg

“Working. It’s one of our busiest days of the year, then things slow down significantly.”

Jake Kraft, Hailey food sales

19-08-16 snapshot 4 Bourekis W.jpg

“I’m going to Lake Coeur d’Alene to water-ski, boat and hang with the family.”

Kiki Bourekis, Spokane, Wash., student

19-08-16 snapshot 5 Carling W.jpg

“Watching the Big Hitch parade while working at Sturtevants.”

Scooter Carling, Hailey rental technician

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