What does September in Sun Valley
mean to you?


19-09-06 Snapshots 1 Gilmour W.jpg

“Less people, fall weather and time to get ready for ski season.”

Hayden Gilmour, Ketchum ski patroller

19-09-06 Snapshots 2 Patteson W.jpg

“Taking some time off work, playing lots of golf and enjoying cooler weather.”

Denny Patterson, Hailey finish carpenter

19-09-06 Snapshots 3 McLaughlin W.jpg

“An annual golf tournament, YMCA Pickleball and less hot weather.”

Mike McLaughlin, West Magic finish carpenter

19-09-06 Snapshots 4 Rooney W.jpg

“Beer and hunting. I’m taking my bow for a walk.”

Anthony Rooney, Hailey framer

19-09-06 Snapshots 5 Molter W.jpg

“Fantasy football, less-crowded fly fishing and mountain biking with the leaves changing color.”

Barrett Molter, Ketchum real estate agent

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