How do you deal with the dog days of August?


19-08-02 snapshots 1 Thelen W.jpg

“Going out with friends, getting milk shakes and going to the river.”

Madi Thelen, Hailey student

19-08-02 snapshots 2 Leighton W.jpg

“Going on picnics, going boating on Anderson and Magic and I love the Farmers’ Market.”

Sophie Leighton, Hailey student

19-08-02 snapshots 3 Wangberg W.jpg

“Nature photography and hiking up to Norton, Baker, Titus and Kane lakes and jumping in.”

Courtney Wangberg, Hailey waitress

19-08-02 snapshots 4 Mulick W.jpg

“I like to hike, hang with my kids and embrace the heat, because I know the cold is coming.”

Anne Mulick, Hailey interior designer

19-08-02 snapshots 5 Root W.jpg

“Jumping in the river, goddess rituals and reading a good book with a lemonade.”

Vanessa Root,Ketchum poet

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