19-03-15 Snapshots main

What talent would you like to acquire?


19-03-15 1 Olivia Cuneo.jpg

“I’m going alpine skiing and I’ll wear green.”

Olivia Cuneo, Nordic skier

19-03-15 2 Eddie Archuleta

“I’m going to eat corned beef and cabbage and drink a Guinness.”

Eddie Archuleta, Hailey resident

19-03-15 3 Ricardo Sarrato

“I will cook carne asada and be with my family.”

Ricardo Sarrato, Ketchum resident

19-03-15 4 John Cook

“I’ll celebrate by going to Mahoney’s to watch a band and drink a pint of Guinness.”

John Cook, Albertsons employee

19-03-15 5 Mathea Langley

“I’m going to the Irish parade in Twin Falls and have lunch.”

Mathea Langley, Java barista

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