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How do you plan to celebrate Memorial Day?


19-05-17 Snapshots 1 Sheue.jpg

“By working at my new restaurant … and hopefully have some time to hang out with my kids and wife.”

Jesse Sheue, Ketchum cook

19-05-17 Snapshots 2 Heiner.jpg

“Working in Ketchum and hopefully getting up to my ranch on the East Fork of the Salmon and set up the hot tub.”

Jason Heiner, Ketchum wine steward

19-05-17 Snapshots 3 Gill.jpg

“If the weather cooperates, on my boat at Magic Reservoir.”

Casey Gill, Hailey carpenter

19-05-17 Snapshots 4 Gawlinski.jpg

“Barbecue ribs and ride bikes.”

Henry Gawlinski, Bellevue vet tech assistant

19-05-17 Snapshots 5 Dunn.jpg

“My sons and I are going to chase fish with our fly rods and barbecue elk burgers.”

Bryant Dunn, Elkhorn outfitter

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