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What excites you the most about spring?


19-03-22 Snapshots 1 Tory Lakey.jpg

“The snow melting. I also like the birds chirping again.”

Tory Lakey, Florist

19-03-22 Snapshots 2 Denise Trimble.jpg

“I’m excited about the new plants and wildlife.”

Denise Trimble, Floral designer

19-03-22 Snapshots 3 Rich Allen.jpg

“Longer days and more light. June is closer, too!”

Rich Allen, Ketchum store operator

19-03-22 Snapshots 4 Mark Hedgpeth.jpg

“I can park in my parking lot again.”

Mark Hedgpeth, Ketchum resident

19-03-22 Snapshots 5 William Sanchez.jpg

“I’m excited about taking time off of work and traveling.”

William Sanchez, Limelight Hotel employee

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