What’s your Super Bowl prediction—and what part are you most excited for?


20-01-31 snapshots 1 Thomas W.jpg

“Kansas City Chiefs, 28-24. I like Andy Reid from when he was the Eagles coach and I’m looking forward to a good game.”

Cruger Thomas, Sun Valley Visitor Center

20-01-31 snapshots 2 Barovetto W.jpg

“49ers, all the way, 42-37. I was in Kezar Stadium watching Y.A. Tittle as a kid. Now it’s the last game culminating a spectacular 100th season.”

David Barovetto, Ketchum architect

20-01-31 snapshots 3 Coiner W.jpg

“49ers for sure, got to go west, 27-23. I always look forward to the last two minutes of the fourth quarter when they’re trying their hardest.”

Walt Coiner, Warm Springs ski instructor

20-01-31 snapshots 4 Derrig W.jpg

“Since my team, the Seahawks, aren’t in it, I only care about the commercials.”

Kristin Derrig, Ketchum bartender

20-01-31 snapshots 5 Vegwert W.jpg

“I like to drink beer and watch football. This year, I’ll be on a cruise ship watching from the Caribbean. 49ers, 32-17.”

Casey Vegwert, Ketchum bartender

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