21-06-04 snapshots 1 Johnson W.jpg

“My husband and I wait for the tourists to come and then we go to our private places to hike, bike, fish and canoe.”

Donna Johnson, Ketchum

21-06-04 snapshots 2 Duncan W.jpg

“Camping. I’m new to the valley so I’m real excited to camp, fly fish and find some swimming holes. I’m also looking forward to outdoor theatre and events.”

Laura Duncan, Hailey

21-06-04 snapshots 3 Berman W.jpg

“Lots of camping and outdoor activities. I hope that this summer will be more normal than last year.”

Andy Berman, Mid Valley

21-06-04 snapshots 4 Ward W.jpg

“Visiting my oldest daughter’s college and watching both of my daughters play summer softball. Also, going on hikes with my son exploring lakes.”

Kory Ward, South of Bellevue

21-06-04 snapshots 5 Hurtado W.jpg

“More sun, hiking, bike rides and swimming.”

Jazmine Hurtado, Hailey

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