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What is your reaction to the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral?


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“Heartbreaking. Having visited there on two different occasions, it makes one realize the magnitude of losing an iconic attraction.”

John Gorham, Ketchum sandwich maker

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“It’s very sad. We just lost hundreds of years of history in a matter of hours.”

Briana Rivas, Ketchum restaurant worker

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“Absolutely devastating. I am so lucky I went there when I was 17. My thoughts and prayers are with them.”

Hayley Hinojosa, Ketchum stylist

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“Absolutely devastating, a true iconic landmark damaged. So glad they will be able to rebuild and restore.”

Lea Webber, Ketchum skincare

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“It’s so sad, but watching the people in the streets singing ‘Ave Maria’ from afar was very inspirational.”

Connie Hagestad, Sun Valley interior designer

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