It’s a leap year.
What are you going to do on your extra Saturday?


20-02-21 Snapshots 1 Roberts W.jpg

“I’m going to find someone with a Feb. 29 birthday and really celebrate with them.”

Kimberly Roberts, San Francisco, Calif., marketing

20-02-21 Snapshots 2 Allison W.jpg

“I’m skiing so that my pass is less expensive.”

Ryan Allison, Board Ranch hospitality

20-02-21 Snapshots 3 Hjort W.jpg

“It sounds lucky, so why not go to Jackpot and see if I can win big?”

Franny Hjort, Hailey hot dog purveyor

20-02-21 Snapshots 4 Barlow W.jpg

“I’m waiting and still looking for my Sadie Hawkins proposal.”

J.B. Barlow, North of Ketchum insurance

20-02-21 Snapshots 5 Curry W.jpg

“I’m going to Park City to play hockey against the Mountaineers and celebrate Sadie Hawkins Day.”

Mike Curry, Ketchum recruiter

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