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Will the weather change your plans for Memorial Day weekend?


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“Heck no, we’re going big no matter what. The restaurant opens and so do the golf courses.”

Bob Dunn, Ketchum restaurateur

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“Yes, we’re camping and may cut it short and we have a close eye on your weather. We’re going to make a stew tonight and I think that’s an appropriate dinner choice.”

Bill Dring, Steamboat Springs, Colo., retired

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“My plans start Sunday, good weather or not. I’m a river guide heading up to the Middle Fork for a summer of fun work.”

Daniela Stokes, Ketchum river guide

19-05-24 Snapshots 4 Cooper WEB.jpg

“I’m going home to Minnesota for two weeks to visit family, come hell or high water.”

Matt Cooper, Ketchum pizza tosser

19-05-24 Snapshots 5 Patrie WEB.jpg

“Heck no, as we have a cabin rented for the weekend. Weather providing, we’ll go canoeing.”

David Patrie, Ketchum hockey referee

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