What excites you the most about winter coming?


19-11-08 Snapshots 1 Moe W.jpg

“The opportunity to stand on the top of Baldy and gaze at the snow-covered Pioneers.”

Jake Moe, Ketchum project entrepreneur

19-11-08 Snapshots 2 Cavanaugh W.jpg

“Seeing the excitement of our guests getting their first dose of powder in our extraordinary Idaho backcountry.”

Kelly Cavanaugh, Ketchum backcountry ops manager

19-11-08 Snapshots 3 Sauerbrey W.jpg

“Skiing and playing in the snow on the mountains.”

Mary Sauerbrey, Hailey cartographer

19-11-08 Snapshots 4 Buchanan W.jpg

“New-fallen snow and the race to get first tracks.”

Andy Buchanan, Ketchum property manager

19-11-08 Snapshots 5 Clark W.jpg

“The mountain opening and to earn my 100-day pin.”

Ashley Clark, Hailey ice skating coach

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