What’s on your fall agenda?


19-09-20 Snapshots 1 Simms W.jpg

“Transitioning Sturtevants from bike world to ski world.”

Maria Simms, Sun Valley clothing buyer

19-09-20 Snapshots 2 Adamson W.jpg

“We like the pumpkin patch, Trailing of the Sheep parade, and hiking in the fall is the best.”

Jane Adamson, Bellevue robotics

19-09-20 Snapshots 3 Bostick W.jpg

“I hope that I don’t fall on my face.”

Freddie Bostick, Warm Springs water polo coach

19-09-20 Snapshots 4 Stone W.jpg

“Watching my daughter play soccer, hiking with my wife and getting back on the ice.”

David Stone, Cold Springs car guy

19-09-20 Snapshots 5 Salvoni W.jpg

“Cutting firewood, trying not to get fired and spending time with my family.”

Frank Salvoni, Hailey construction

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