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Where is your first camping destination?


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“Redfish Lake, for the beautiful views and clean, organized campgrounds. I like to barbecue, hike and mountain bike.”

Oleksandr Kharchenko, Ketchum bartender

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“I’m excited to grab my dog Gwen and go to Redfish and bask in the sun.”

Kimmy Cantley, Ketchum hotel worker

19-04-26 Snapshots 3 Gardner.jpg

“I’d like to camp in the sun and in Hawaii. Back home in New Zealand, I’m excited to camp at Mercury Island.”

Monty Gardner, New Zealand student

19-04-26 Snapshots 4 Theobald.jpg

“On my rowboat, the U.S.S. Cindy, in my lake that is in my yard.”

Cindy Theobald, Hailey libation distributor

19-04-26 Snapshots 5 Harder.jpg

“Hiking into Boulder City, checking out the old mining setup, staying a couple of nights and enjoying the quiet.”

Coleman Harder, Ketchum ski tuner

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