What Indian summer-like activities are you looking forward to?


19-09-13 Snapshots 1 Schubert W.jpg

“Stand-up paddle boarding at Redfish.”

Kelsey Schubert, Ketchum yoga teacher

19-09-13 Snapshots 2 Hampton W.jpg

“Fishing and enjoying ice-cold beverages.”

Kade Hampton, Hailey electrician

19-09-13 Snapshots 3 Thomas W.jpg

“Back to golf with a little work.”

Glen Thomas, Ketchum bartender

19-09-13 Snapshots 4 Bosch W.jpg

“Pray for snow.”

Byron Bosch, Hailey carpenter

19-09-13 Snapshots 5 Theobald W.jpg

“Fishing, camping with family and yachting in the Green Hornet.”

Chris Theobald, Ketchum carpenter

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