What activities have you been doing during the isolation order?


W 20-03-27 Snapshots 1 Knowles.jpg

“Lots of family walks and I’m running at least 5 miles per day because I have the time.”

Emily Knowles, Hailey trainer

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“Brisk power walks for an hour each day and practicing Pilates, a strengthening and stretching method of exercise.”

Laura Tanny Huang, Ketchum on sabbatical

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“My dog and I are Nordic skiing, skinning up Baldy and going to the office by ourselves.”

Darlene Young, Ketchum real estate agent

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“We are hiking every day and I’m reading books more.”

Heather Burnett, Elkhorn real estate agent

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“Playing video games, talking with my family over the phone and playing with my cat more.”

Aaron Morgan, Ketchum remodel construction

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