What makes a great Valentine’s Day to you?


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“An element of a pleasant surprise, be it flowers, dinner at a new restaurant or something unpredictable.”

Vicki DeVille, Portland, Ore., Airbnb owner

19-02-07 Snapshots 2 Burrell W.jpg

“Expressing love to the people that I love and hopefully receiving it back.”

Shannon Burrell, Redmond, Wash., sales manager

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“Love from friends and family. I’m lucky now to have a good group of girlfriends to have a Valentine’s Day dinner with.”

Cicely Moore, Bellevue CEO executive recruiter

19-02-07 Snapshots 4 Jensen W.jpg

“Making time to be with both my husband and my kids. Life is a gift and love is the point.”

Brie Jensen, Ketchum commercial real estate

19-02-07 Snapshots 5 Rivin W.jpg

“Red wine, good, fancy cheese, and flowers if you want to kick it up a notch.”

Abby Rivin, Ketchum city planner

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