If you created your own Wagon Days parade float, what would it be?


19-08-30 Snapshots W 1 Roebuck.jpg

“It would have a llama theme.”

Nora Roebuck, Hailey teacher

19-08-30 Snapshots W 2 Walker.jpg

“It would reflect different cultures, places and customs from all the different countries we came from.”

Augusta Walker, Hailey teacher

19-08-30 Snapshots W 3 Williams.jpg

“A children’s float. Incorporating the children of the valley and educating them on the mining history of the valley.”

Nicole Williams, Bellevue teacher

19-08-30 Snapshots W 4 Fraser.jpg

“Cowgirl and cowboy costumes throwing out massive amounts of candy.”

Linley Fraser, Hailey teacher

19-08-30 Snapshots W 5 Palmer.jpg

“Ski-team, kid racer-themed float like we used to do.”

Teagen Palmer, Hailey teacher

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