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What was your summer highlight?


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“I went to Greece, Turkey and London. Turkey was very cultural, Greece was incredibly beautiful and I went to Wimbledon, which was special.”

Piper Wood, Seattle, Wash., student

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“Clean air with no smoke. Also, I traveled to Alaska, both for fun and business.”

Sarah Murphy, Picabo web developer

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“I’ve been on an extended road trip and have witnessed that people are inherently good and giving and that there is no stranger to kindness.”

Kirsten Oleson, Reno, Nev., traveler

19-08-23 Snapshots 4 Rector W.jpg

“Best summer ever, with lots of rain, green, no smoke and great bike riding.”

Eric Rector, Hailey recreation specialist

19-08-23 Snapshots 5 Tyler W.jpg

“Quitting my job to do what I love, which is music. I play the guitar and sing.”

Devon Tyler, Burley musician

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