What is your “go to” recipe when you are out camping?


19-07-12 Snapshots 1 Baxter and Morton W.jpg

“Meatball, bacon bombs on the grill. Turned, drenched with BBQ sauce, cooked to taste.

Carrie Baxter (left), physician’s assistant, and Kerry Morton (right), math coach, Bend, Ore.

19-07-12 Snapshots 2 Ward W.jpg

“Crock-pot cooking. Prime rib in one pot, mac and cheese in another, and for dessert a crock-pot peach cobbler.”

Matt Ward, Hailey real estate broker

19-07-12 Snapshots 3 Goitiandia W.jpg

“Tenderloin steak, Dutch oven potatoes and Dutch oven peach cobbler.”

Marcel Goitiandia, Bellevue construction

19-07-12 Snapshots 4 Teren W.jpg

“Sourdough pancakes on a Coleman stove with blueberries cooked inside the batter and scattered on top of the cakes.”

Susan Teren, Ketchum landscaper

19-07-12 Snapshots 5 Carlsen W.jpg

“A slab of salmon, preferably sockeye, either slow-cooked on a grill then charred at the end or sautéed in a cast-iron skillet.”

Scott Carlsen, Seattle bartender

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