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What are your plans for Easter?


19-04-05 Snapshots 1 Joy.jpg

“I’m going fly fishing outside the valley.”

Joy Gonzalez, Hailey resident

19-04-05 Snapshots 2 Christina.jpg

“I’m going to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and be with my family.”

Christina Price, Dance & fitness instructor

19-04-05 Snapshots 3 Mattie.jpg

“I will be trying to find nontoxic egg dye to color our eggs with.”

Mattie Mulick, Mother

19-04-05 Snapshots 4 Georgio.jpg

“I’m going to church with my kids and we’ll have an Easter egg hunt at my house.”

Georgio Nomoney, Post office/Limelight Hotel employee

19-04-05 Snapshots 5 Greg.jpg

“I’m teaching Sunday school at the Big Wood church and celebrating the resurrection.”

Greg Eslinger, Post office worker

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