The St. Thomas Episcopal Church Housing Outreach subcommittee has designed, selected shrubs and helped fund landscaping for four new Quigley Canyon rental homes constructed and funded by ARCH housing trust and St. Luke’s Wood River Regional Medical Center and Foundation.

The four homes are located on Farm Road and scheduled to be occupied in the next few weeks by St. Luke’s employees from the Hailey and Ketchum sites. Members of St. Thomas Church donated to the landscaping budget. Zavala Landscaping has undertaken site preparation and planting. Shrubs were selected in partnership with Hollyberry Nursery in Kimberley, Idaho.

“Housing is our number one issue for both recruitment and retention of employees,” said Almita Nunnelee, COO and chief nursing officer at St. Luke’s Wood River Regional Medical Center. “We are grateful for our partnership with ARCH and St. Thomas. Resolving the housing issue in our community will take many. We commend St. Thomas for stepping up and helping to make these very attractive homes even more with landscaping assistance.”

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