The following is a list of participants in the Wagon Days Big Hitch Parade, which will take place Saturday at 1 p.m., in the order they are scheduled to appear.

1) Ketchum Police Department

    Beginning the Wagon Days Parade are riders Lorraine Wilcox and Curt Plassmeyer representing the Ketchum Police Department.

2) American Glory Flag Team

    The American Glory Flag Team travels to rodeos and parades presenting the greatest flag on earth. Please take a moment to remember all that serve our great country. We also fly the Idaho state flag thankful we live in this beautiful land. We are so happy to be part of the Wagon Days parade. Thank you for your patriotism.

3) David Ketchum American Legion Post 115

    The David Ketchum Post American Legion Hall is a gathering place for veterans of America’s past and current wars. The post proudly counts among their number veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War and the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. They still serve today in supporting Boys State, Girls State, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and American Legion baseball, and provide assistance dogs for wounded warriors.

4) 2015 Wagon Days Grand Marshal Bob Rosso

    The city of Ketchum and Wagon Days honor Bob Rosso. Rosso was one of the founders of the Blaine County Recreation District and served for more than 20 years on the board of directors. He also ran the Boulder Mountain Tour from the very beginning, Sun Valley Mountain Guides in the 1970s, Ski Education Foundation Cross Country Ski Team with Rob Kiesel and the free annual Adams Gulch Fun Run. He started the Backcountry Run more than 35 years ago and has been involved ever since. He has also been on the Galena Advisory Committee for the historic cross-country ski lodge and trails north of town and the boards of the Wood River Community YMCA, Sun Valley Junior Hockey and the Community School. He and his wife, Kate, own The Elephant’s Perch, which is housed in the historic Horace Lewis home.

5) City of Ketchum

    The city of Ketchum proudly presents Wagon Days weekend. Mayor Nina Jonas and City Council members are riding in the historic Lewis family coach. The coach was given to the city along with the Lewis ore wagons, featured in the parade today.

    Ketchum’s Ore Wagon Museum is home to the Lewis ore wagons where they can be seen year-round. Horace Lewis began the “Ketchum Fast Freight Line” soon after the town was founded on Aug. 2, 1880. The magnificent wagons carried the first load of ore from the Elkhorn mine to the railroad at Kelton, Utah.

6) Frontier Communications

    This 100-year-old restored doctor’s buggy is driven by Mike Beavers of Owyhee Express Carriage Co. It is being pulled by Dollar, a registered blazer.

7) City of Sun Valley

    Riding in the city of Sun Valley’s carriage is Mayor Dwayne Briscoe. This John Deere carriage dates from around 1900 and was restored to its original condition by Wayne Orvick of Wood River Carriage Works. The carriage was purchased by the city of Sun Valley along with a sleigh. The carriage was originally used to transport guests at the old Geyer Hot Springs Resort in the early 1900s.

8) The Holding Landau carriage

    Carol Holding, owner of the Sun Valley Resort, and guests are riding in her beautifully restored circa 1880 five-glass landau carriage pulled by a beautiful team of grey Percherons driven by Sun Valley Stables Manager Calvin Chatfield. With the Holding family’s generosity, the Wagon Days Parade is made easier. Event organizers thank Carol Holding and the Holding family for providing the staging area for the parade.

9) Lt. Gov. Brad Little

    Idaho’s lieutenant governor, Brad Little, said he is proud to join in the celebration of the 57th anniversary of Wagon Days. Accompanying the lieutenant governor is his bride of 37 years, Teresa. Brad is third-generation Idahoan and a familiar face at Wagon Days. Welcome back, Brad!

10) The Blaine County Museum’s Heritage Court

    Riding in this beautiful buggy is the 2015 Blaine County Heritage Court. The buggy is owned and driven by Bill Sherbine.

11) Tegernsee, Ketchum’s sister city

    Ketchum and Tegernsee have been sister cities since 1980, providing opportunities to share their two cultures. This Wagon Days, Ketchum is hosting children from the Tegernsee Valley. The kids appreciate the experience, so show them a warm Ketchum welcome! Next summer, Tegernsee will host children from Ketchum.

12) Wagon Days 2015 sponsors

    Wagon Days is made possible by the support of the city of Ketchum and a dedicated volunteer group, as well as by the financial support of generous sponsors. The Wagon Days Committee thanks all the sponsors. Each of these businesses has contributed to the success of Wagon Days and it could not be held each year without them. They make this wonderful event possible.

13) Burley High School Bobcat Band

    The Burley High School Marching Band is under the direction of Mitch Tilley.

14) Easy Entry Cart

    Don Cant, 81, of Middleton, Idaho, has his Easy Entry Cart, pulled by miniature horse, Moe, 12.

15) Miniature horse and Wooden Wheel Cart, driven by Lois Cant

    An Iowa-built wooden wheel wagon cart is driven by Lois Cant, 71, and pulled by Blue.

16) Snake River Stampede Frontier Wagon

    This frontier wagon is a complete replica of an 1882 Studebaker freight wagon used to haul supplies from Caldwell to Silver City. Today, this 14-foot-tall oak wagon is used to haul Snake River Stampede whiskey to the towns of the West.

17) Snake River Stampede Stagecoach

    Authentic stagecoach used between Silver City and Murphy, Idaho, from the late 1800s through the early 1900s. It is now the icon stagecoach symbol for Nampa’s Snake River Stampede, which just celebrated its 100th anniversary.

18) Third annual Cherry Bounce Contest

    This wagon is driven by Tyler Peterson and pulled by his horses, Sophie and Lacey. The wagon riders are celebrating the third annual Cherry Bounce Contest.

19) Wood River High School Cheerleading and Dance

    The Wood River High School Cheerleaders have pulled together this year already. They show strong leadership and bonding. They recently attended a UCA camp and are excited to use their new skills in the upcoming season. This year they have also added dance to their team. Come watch them perform their new dances at the half time shows.

20) Blaine County Republican Women

    The Blaine County Republican Women and Central Committee are proud to sponsor the return of the camels. Idaho Controller Brandon Woolf is riding Ralphie in his first Wagon Days Parade, with veteran camel rider Rep. Steve Miller showing him the ropes on Humphrie. Joining them is Dude, a camel in training for next year’s parade. Brandon and Steve said they are grateful for the opportunity to serve the residents of Blaine County in the greatest state in the nation. Thanks to Jeral and Jenine Williams and their family for this favorite Wagon Days entry from Idaho Falls!

21) Buffy the White Buffalo

    And now, a special treat for Wagon Days! Please welcome Buffy, a 4-month old white buffalo to her first parade! Buffy lives in Idaho Falls with Jeral and Jenine Williams. Accompanying Buffy is Mya Williams riding Danny Girl.

22) Jerome High School Ambush of Tigers Marching Unit

    Jerome High School Band Program, nicknamed the “Ambush of Tigers,” is entering its third year under the direction of Mr. Hiroshi Fukuoka. The Ambush of Tigers Marching Band had participated in numerous parades such as the Rose Parade, Wagon Days Parade, Jerome County Fair Parade and Western Days Parade. On the field, the Ambush of Tigers travel to marching competitions throughout Idaho and Utah.

23) Rebecca’s Private Idaho and World Bicycle Relief

    Professional bike racer, one of the world’s top endurance athletes and Ketchum local Rebecca Rusch (known as the Queen of Pain) is hosting the third annual Rebecca’s Private Idaho event. It’s a 100-mile bike ride to benefit three bike organizations. World Bicycle Relief and its Buffalo Bike have joined Rebecca Rusch today with a few other world champion cyclists.

    The Buffalo Bicycle is not just a bike; it’s an engine for economic and cultural empowerment. The bike’s design is reflective of the original English Raleigh Roadster, developed in the late 1800s. The result is a robust bicycle engineered specifically for rural African terrain and load requirements. Everyone is asked to welcome the riders back to civilization in the Ketchum Town Square on Sunday afternoon for the Smith Optics Off The Wagon Day celebration. There will be live music, food and cold drinks.

24) Spirit of Ketchum Iditarod Team

    The Mighty Shiba dogsled team is again in training to dominate the competition in the 2016 Alaskan Iditarod. Help cheer YumYum and Radar on to victory!

25) Miss Lambchops

    Miss Lambchops is riding her favorite steed, Tiffany, a 26-year-old quarter horse born and raised in the Wood River Valley. Lambchops and Tiffany live near the Triumph Mines with their friend Wendy Collins.

26) Trailing of the Sheep Festival

    The 19th annual Trailing of the Sheep Festival will be held this year Oct. 7-11 in Sun Valley, Ketchum and Hailey. It’s a five-day weekend packed with events for the entire family. The festival celebrates more than 150 years of sheep herding and sheep ranching in Idaho and the West with storytelling, art, music, food, a Fiber Festival, a sheep Folklife Fair, Championship Sheepdog Trials and the Big Sheep Parade down Main Street in Ketchum.

    During the mining boom, Ketchum had more than 2,000 residents. When the boom went bust, only 20 people remained. It was then that a new industry was born in Ketchum—sheep. Ketchum became the largest sheep-shipping center in the world, outside of Sydney, Australia, in the early 1900s. Between 1 million and 2 million sheep trailed through the valley during these times. The sheep kept the railroad operating and saved the town. Come celebrate the history, heritage and cultures that made Ketchum what it is today. Look for

27) Trailing of the Lambs

    As the sheep are herded on, the little lambs stray behind. It takes a special kind of herder to keep the lambs together. She will keep herding them until they’re safe, by hook or by crook—that’s the lamb herder’s way. The miniature sheep camp was built through a labor of love by Jim Hook. The team pulling the camp is Mounty, a 12-year-old registered miniature paint horse, and Noble, an 18-year-old registered miniature appaloosa. The outrider tied to the back, is Dan, age 7. The team and wagon are owned and driven by Debbie Hook from McCammon, Idaho.

28) Little Bo Peep

    Little Bo Peep and her lost little sheep trailing behind the herders. She found one little sheep and can hear the rest bleat. She will follow until she finds them. The found little sheep is Ace, a 15-year-old registered miniature horse. Ace is driven by Bo Peep, Silvia Lockyer, from McCammon, Idaho.

29) Miss Kitty and the Pendleton Gang

    Hide the whiskey and save your kids, it’s Miss Kitty and the Pendleton Gang, Doctor Daniels, but you can call him Jack. Doug Howell is riding his 7-year-old quarter horse palomino, Gus. The brains of the operation, Miss Kitty aka Theresa Locker is on her 10-year-old quarter horse palomino, Peach. And last but not least, the roughest of them all is Lala Booty, riding her quarter horse buckskin, Butterbutt. This gang is notorious for sticking around until the whiskey is all gone.

30) Goddess Athena and Pegasus

    Flown down from Mount Olympus on mighty Pegasus is one of the many fabled goddesses, Athena. She is the goddess of wisdom and war, Zeus’s favorite child, allowed to use his thunderbolts in battle. Houdini, a 12-year-old registered paint horse, portrays Pegasus. He is ridden by Elizabeth Lockyer from McCammon, Idaho, who is portraying the part of Athena.

31) Ketchum/Sun Valley Rotary Club

    The Great Wagon Days Duck Race serves as the main fundraising event for the Ketchum/Sun Valley Rotary Club. Donations raised from the Duck Race have benefited more than 60 charities in the Wood River Valley and beyond.

32) The Papoose Club and Old Time Fiddlers

    The fiddlers have been a part of Wagon Days for many years. Get a hearty start to Wagon Days weekend at the Papoose Club’s annual Pancake Breakfast, featuring music from the Old Time Fiddlers. This favorite local event will be held on Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to noon at Ketchum Town Square. Volunteers from Papoose Club—one of the Wood River Valley’s oldest philanthropic organizations—will dishing up all-you-can-eat pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit, juice and hot coffee.

33) Still Hitched

    “In 2012, we were Goin’ Courtin. In 2013, we were Just Hitched. In 2015, we’re Still Hitched! With a new horse just trained fer this-here parade we’re perdy proud! We like to use our fox trotters for hitchin ’n’ hikin’!”

34) Ketchum Firefighters Local 4758 and Wood River Firefighters Local 4923

    Taking part in a time-honored tradition dating back to 1954, the Ketchum Professional Firefighters Local 4758 and the Wood River Firefighters Local 4923 are riding in support of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Money raised today by “filling the boot” provides services and support, such as free clinics, motorized wheelchairs and other much-needed specialized equipment, to more than 500 southern Idaho residents who have muscular dystrophy.

    Firefighters are pulling the original Ketchum Tiger Hook and Ladder Co.’s hand-drawn hose cart. This was state-of-the-art for firefighting in 1889. Upon notification of a fire, two ropes would be strung out in front of the cart. Upwards of 10 firefighters would run out front of the cart to pull it to the fire scene. Two firefighters would hold on to the tongue to steer and/or attempt to brake the cart. It must have been a wild ride! At the scene, hose would be unwound to connect to a hand pumper in order to put water on the fire. Let’s “fill the boot” for Jerry’s kids.

35) Bruce and Sunny Bradshaw

    Bruce and Sunny Bradshaw from Marsing, Idaho, carry the American flag and Idaho state flag in parades across Idaho, and have had the honor of being color guard for Parade America in Nampa and Snake River Stampede in the past. Wagon Days Parade is one of their favorites to participate in.

36) Smokey Bear

    Smokey Bear would like to thank all of the firefighters, law enforcement officers, city and county officials and National Guard members for all of their help and hard work on wildfires. Smokey would like to remind everyone that fire season is not over yet. Thanks and be safe while you’re out using public lands.

37) High Country Peruvian Pasos

    Considered to be one of the smoothest-gaited horses in the world, the Peruvian horse guarantees its natural gait to each offspring, making them the “champagne” of gaited horses.

38) State Sen. Michelle Stennett

    Sen. Michelle Stennett is proud and honored to serve the Wood River Valley. She thanks everyone for their kindness and support.

39) Blaine County Democrats Democratic Party candidates and party officers.

40) The Old Frontier Gang

    Originally called the Hailey Hellers, the Old Frontier Gang has been in existence for more than 42 years. The coach was built in New Hampshire by the firm Abbott and Downing. It ran passengers from Henry’s Lake to West Yellowstone. The coach is around 118 years old. Pulling the coach is a pair of Percheron draft horses named Joe and Benny. It is owned and driven by Richard and Eric Barney of West Magic.

41) NAMI Wood River Valley, Inc.

    NAMI Wood River Valley’s mission is to improve the quality of life for all those affected by mental illness and to become recognized as Wood River Valley’s voice on mental illness in terms of education, advocacy and support, and to bridge the gap between urban and rural mental health services. NAMI Wood River Valley provides education and support groups, and advocates for effective prevention, diagnosis, treatment, community support, research and recovery. The purpose of NAMI Wood River Valley is to enable those who have mental illness to obtain equal opportunities in medical care, social life, economic security and spiritual life; to provide support for those who have mental illness and their families, and to cooperate with existing organizations that serve the needs of the mentally ill.

42) Blaine County 4H

    Riding in these wagons are members of Blaine County 4H.

43) Ivorianah

    Here comes Ivorianah driving her mini horse Dixie, as Dr. King Schultz, the dentist and bounty hunter from Boot Hill, to meet all your teeth and bounty needs.

44) Kathleen

    Here comes Raggedy Ann and Andy on their way to the Dodge National Finals Rag Doll Rodeo with their faithful little mini horse, Ice, driven by Kathleen.

45) Mighty Minis

    The Mighty Minis perform in parades throughout the West.

46) Mini Mules too

    Pulling this entry four-abreast are some of the smallest mules in the world, coming in at about 29 inches.

47) Ms. Idaho Senior America

48) Sacajawea, Lewis and Clark Expedition

    Riding three full-blooded American mustangs are Dana Lovell as Sacajawea on Raven, Ralph Harris as Capt. Merriweather Lewis on Sunshine and Tom Crais on Silver Chief as a typical French scout. Capt. Lewis’ uniform is completely authentic, as is the war shirt of the scout and the Native American clothing.

49) Hubbard Construction

    This is a sheep camp constructed and made by Don Hubbard, and is for sale. It is pulled by a 6- and 7-year-old halflinger team from Malad, Idaho—Wally on the left and Wrangler on the right.

50) Champagne Wagon

    A champagne wagon from the Champagne Mine, just north of Craters for the Moon. It has been across the continent twice. It is owned and driven by Tony Clapier of Rupert, Idaho.

51) EhCapa Bareback Riders

    The EhCapa Bareback Riders, ages 8-19, have developed a unique relationship with their horses based on sound horsemanship principles. They control their horses with leg cues, their voices and a 1-inch-wide leather strap around the horse’s neck known as a “tack rein.” These young talented riders take their audiences on breathtaking journeys through maneuvers and jumps that even few experienced riders can handle, all without the aid of saddles or bridles. EhCapa believes that when a young person learns to build trust in the horses they love, the results can be remarkable. The club’s style is reminiscent of American Indians. The organization rides in the hope of bringing honor to the Native Americans, from their beautiful handmade clothing to the traditional native symbols painted on their horses.

52) America’s Mustang

    Liberty is a product of the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Nampa in July, and at that time had been out of the wild horse corrals for 100 days. In the Extreme Mustang Makeover, trainers compete to showcase the trainability of the American mustang. Joshua Mani, her trainer, has been invited to compete in Mustang Magic in Ft. Worth, Texas, in January.

53) WW Mules

    This custom-built, rubber-tired hitch wagon is used in shows, parades and wagon trains. The wagon is pulled by two gray molly mules, Zip and Dot. They are full sisters out of a quarter horse mare.

54) Sun Valley Free Ride

55) Treasure Valley Whips Driving Club

    The Treasure Valley Whips Club in southwestern Idaho is a nonprofit organization promoting the sport of carriage driving. It sponsors play days, pleasure driving shows, arena driving trials and pleasure drives, as well as clinics with nationally acclaimed trainers. Visit it at

56) Sun Valley Black Two-Seated Carriage

57) Community School

58) Hook Draw Collection—The Yellowstone Stage

    This Yellowstone Stage and ones like it were used in the park into the 1930s before cars were allowed. It is driven by Jim Barton of the Bar B Ranch in Carey.

59) Hook Draw Collection—The Concord Stage

    Abbot Downey Concord stages were most commonly used on transcontinental runs, changing horses every 20 miles and providing a grueling 15 mph ride for the passengers. This Concord Stage is part of the Hook Draw collection. Ronald Burnside with his team of Greys drives it.

60) Tennessee Walking Horse Club of Idaho

61) Black Peruvian Pasos

    These two beautiful black Peruvian paso horses live and play right here in Sun Valley. Peruvian pasos are the smoothest-riding horse in the world. Both the gait and the flashy leg action are completely natural. Peruvian pasos were bred and used in Peru by ranchers who had to travel many miles each day to work their ranches, and they wanted to ride in comfort. The Riccabona family owns these beauties. The big gelding is named Rudy and was born in San Antonio, Texas. Rudy’s rider is Steve Riccabona, an agent for Keller Williams Real Estate here in Sun Valley. The little mare is Misty. Misty was born in Carey and is a sweetheart to ride. Allan Snyder, who lives in Sun Valley, is riding Misty. These horses show a lot of personality. Rudy and Misty enjoy the parade, but also love to walk the mountain trails, round up cattle and run the dirt roads around the Sun Valley area.

    If you ever get a chance to ride a Peruvian paso, take it—you will enjoy the experience.

62) Idaho Rodeo Hall of Fame Ambassador

    Cathy Jo Ruby is proud to serve as the 2015 Idaho Rodeo Hall of Fame ambassador. The Idaho Rodeo Hall of Fame is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the past and honoring the future of rodeo. You can find the Idaho Rodeo Hall of Fame at the Gooding County Fairgrounds during the third week of August in Gooding, Idaho.

63) The Sawtooth Rangers/Days of the Old West Rodeo Royalty

    The Sawtooth Rangers are pleased to present the Days of the Old West Rodeo Royalty: Senior Queen Shelby Schlund, Teen Queen Moira Tabor, Junior Queen Bailey Cole and Pee Wee Queen Megan Taber.

    The Sawtooth Rangers thank you for supporting rodeo! It’s a Fourth of July tradition that the Rangers are proud to host. Become a member of the Sawtooth Rangers and promote horsemanship—dues are just $5. For more information, visit

64) 2016 Oakley Pioneer Days Princess

    Kaylee Tegan is the 2016 Oakley Pioneer Days rodeo princess. She and her horse, Hercules, are proud to represent the wonderful community of Oakley, Idaho, and the great sport of rodeo.

65) 2016 Oakley Pioneer Days Queen

    Amelia Clark is the 18-year-old daughter of Grant and Denise Clark of Albion, Idaho. She is proud to represent a great rodeo and a great community and would like to invite everyone out the third weekend in July next year for Oakley Pioneer Days Rodeo!

66) Ada County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse-ettes Drill Team

    The Posse-ettes have been around for more than 50 years and have performed in parades, rodeos and drill competitions. It is a dedicated team of women from all walks of life with a strong love of horses and their friendship. New members are always welcome, so please come and ride with us and see how much fun equestrian drill can be.

67) War Bonnet Duchess Ashlyn Hill

    Ashlyn Hill is 2015 War Bonnet Roundup duchess. The War Bonnet Roundup is Idaho’s longest-running rodeo. Ashlyn is a 6th-grader in Burley, Idaho.

68) Valerie Endrikat

    Valerie Endrikat is riding her Gypsy drum mare, Bonnie Belle, of Cascade Farms.

69) Idaho State Riding Association

    The Idaho State Riding Association was established in 1948. The association consists of 10 clubs with a total of 240 members, which compete in precision drill, parade and team gaming events. Representing the Idaho State Riding Association are the Cassia County Sheriff’s Posse, the Minidoka Wranglers, Mini-Cassia Outlaws and the Blackfoot Saddlemen. The Cassia County Sheriff’s Posse was incorporated in 1949 as an all men’s riding group. The Minidoka Wranglers were incorporated in 1959 as an all women’s riding group. The Mini-Cassia Outlaws are a junior posse ranging in age from 8-18. The Blackfoot Saddlemen were one of the original teams when the Idaho State Riding Association started. The members of the Idaho State Riding Association are honored to participate in the Wagon Days Parade and festivities.

70) City of Ketchum Water Wagon

    The water wagon and commissary was used to carry water for the mules and men on journeys across the plains and desert. A team owned and driven by Bob Tomaski from Montana pulls the wagon.

71) Ketchum-Warm Springs Riding Club

    The Ketchum-Warm Springs Riding Club is one of the oldest riding clubs in Idaho. It was formed in the 1950s to keep horses in shape for hunting season but has evolved into a sociable group of trail riders who enjoy good meals, great company and a nice ride in the mountains. Members currently range from Bellevue to Stanley. The club has historically met every Wednesday evening in Adams Gulch. They really miss the wide trails and fire pit out there! The Riding Club rides in front of the Big Hitch each year to help remind the crowd that safety is important, so please stay well back, and thanks for coming out to the parade!

72) City of Ketchum Big Hitch

    As always, the best for last, the grand finale to the Wagon Days Parade, the Big Hitch. These six original Lewis Fast Freight Line Ore Wagons were originally used to transport ore from the mountains that surround the valley. These wagons traversed the dangerous 12 percent grade of Trail Creek Summit. The Horace Lewis family donated the wagons to the city of Ketchum. Pulling the wagon is a 20-draft mule jerkline, driven by professional Mule Skinner Bobby Tanner of Bishop, Calif., assisted by his crew and brakeman: Tim Deckard, Ryan Eittreim, Doug McClean and Jesse Deckard. Please keep quiet as the hitch passes, as the mules must be able to hear voice commands.

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