Who exactly is Miss Lambchops?

The beloved character Miss Lambchops returns to Trailing of the Sheep this year. The parade runs along Main Street Sunday, Oct 9, at 12 p.m.

Some aspects of Trailing of the Sheep Festival have changed over the years. Attendance expands as Sun Valley evolves as a vacation destination. Local restaurants incorporate lamb into their menus. New workshops teach the history of ranching in the state.

Still, the heart of the festival lies in Sunday’s parade at noon. Among the sea of wool, a few key people make the parade what it is.

Someone has even managed to bridge the gap between humanoid and sheep. For generations, no other figure has enchanted and perplexed parade-goers as much as Miss Lambchops. So who, precisely, hides behind the fuzzy mask?

17-10-11 Trailing of the Sheep JOSHUA - 04

Wendy Collins has participated in the Trailing of the Sheep parade for years. “The Trailing of the Sheep is carrying history forward, so new people coming recognize what’s valuable here,” she said.

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