Ariel Audet

This will be my first year, and I’m looking forward to bringing my daughter to watch the sheepdog trials.

Ariel Audet, Hailey

Rodolfo Armenta

I like the sheep parade and seeing all the new faces in town.

Rodolfo Armenta, Bellevue

Eric Madsen

The kids enjoy watching the sheep.

Eric Madsen, Hailey

Jack Baker

My favorite part is watching the sheep run.

Jack Baker, Hailey


Our favorite is counting all the sheep.

Amber Piirainen & Margot Paulson, aka “Maui”, Bellevue

Benji Charles

Celebrating the history of this valley.

Benji Charles, Hailey

Ashley Juarez

I love the sheep, the sheepdogs and the ongoing tradition.

Ashley Juarez, Hailey

Elliot McKinley

Watching the dancers at the park.

Elliott McKinley, Ketchum

Yolanda Tapia

I love watching the Peruvian dancers, and I enjoy eating the delicious lamb.

Yolanda Tapia, Hailey

Cindy Juarez

I enjoy the variety of sheep and watching the sheepdogs do their job.

Cindy Juarez, Hailey

Express photos by Roland Lane

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