Sidney Bashaw

“I love how green and full of sunshine it gets here, how that affects peoples’ mood.”

Sidney Bashaw, Picabo

Isai Mendoza

“All my friends are back from college and we hang out

at the river.”

Isai Mendoza, Hailey

Santos Serva

“I like when the business picks up.”

Santos Serva, Hailey

Leticia Teixeira

“The landscape and incredible hikes.”

Leticia Teixeira, Hailey

Jordan Baker

“It’s having evening barbeques with friends and family.”

Jordan Baker, Hailey

John Carreiro

“I like hiking, biking and being out in this amazing weather.”

John Carreiro, Sun Valley

Misty Zies

“I enjoy the hiking, swimming and trips to Redfish Lake.

Misty Zies, Hailey

Taylar Francis

“Camping, hiking and all of the adventures the area has to offer.”

Taylar Francis, Elkhorn

Veronica Lopez

“When school is out— it’s a little easier on the kids.”

Veronica Lopez, Hailey

Wanuza Leal-Wallace

“The symphony is my favorite, because I get to see the amazing community and hear the incredible music.”

Wanuza Leal-Wallace, Hailey

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