What’s your favorite thing about the holidays in the Wood River Valley?


19-12-18 W Wynne McGregor.jpg

“Making a snowman, Santa Claus and the tree lightings.”

Wynne McGregor, Hailey resident

19-12-18 W Alexia Parris.jpg

“I love skiing and building snow forts.”

Alexia Parris, Super swimmer

19-12-18 W Catherine Parris.jpg

“Skate skiing at Prairie Creek”

Catherine Parris, Occupational therapist

19-12-18 W Nicole Gonzalez.jpg

“I love the Christmas lights and the snow.”

Nicole Gonzalez, Ketchum student

19-12-18 W Deysi Gonzalez.jpg

“The Christmas lights.”

Deysi Gonzalez, Ketchum resident

19-12-18 W Kirk Squier.jpg

“When the holidays are over.”

Kirk Squier, Former Baldy skier

19-12-18 W Riley kilmartin.jpg

“Seeing all of my buddies come home.”

Riley Kilmartin, Rabbit lady

19-12-18 W Isidro Rivas.jpg

“I like the weather, walking out Trail Creek and going to the Casino.”

Isidro Rivas, Construction worker

19-12-18 W Casey Finegan.jpg

“Tourist dodging.”

Casey Finegan, Tech guru

19-12-18 W Nathan Seamons.jpg

“Festivities in Sun Valley and the skiing.”

Nathan Seamons, Hailey resident

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