What are your plans for the Fourth of July?


20-07-01 1 Jan Seevens.jpg

“I’m going to barbeque because it’s the most American thing you can do.”

Jan Seevens, Hailey resident

20-07-01 2 Jeannette Brandt.jpg

“Hike with the dog and watch the parade.”

Jeannette Brandt, Hailey resident

20-07-01 3 Otis Greenberg.jpg

“I’m going to bike in the parade.”

Otis Greenberg, Hailey resident

20-07-01 4 Agnes McLaughlin.jpg

“I’m going to the parade for the first time.”

Agnes McLaughlin, Ketchum resident

20-07-01 5 Tess Matt.jpg

“I’ll be going to a gun range, spending time with my family and having a few drinks.”

Tess Matt, Ketchum resident

20-07-01 6 Miguel Vella.jpg

“I’m going to barbeque with my family and go to the parade.”

Miguel Vella, Ketchum resident

20-07-01 7 Steve Vanzelfden.jpg

“I’ll be working at the Ram restaurant and taking care of customers.”

Steve Vanzelfden, Ketchum resident

20-07-01 8 Jesse Seldin.jpg

“I’ll be working.”

Jesse Seldin, Hailey resident

20-07-01 9 Adam Fisher.jpg

“Cooking up some great food for some amazing customers. I’ll catch the fireworks in Sun Valley with an awesome crew.”

Adam Fisher, Hailey resident

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