What’s your favorite thing about the Old West?


19-08-28 01 Lindsey Spurling-Wright.jpg

“The beauty of the natural landscape, along with the abundant wildlife.”

Lindsey Spurling-Wright, Nature lover

19-08-28 02 Shayla Koffler.jpg

“My favorite thing about the Old West was watching the movies they made about them. Especially 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' with Clint Eastwood.”

Shayla koffler, Coffee lover

19-08-28 03 Santos Serva.jpg

“Family connections, no technology and the horse wagons.”

Santos Serva, Hailey Coffee Co. owner

19-08-28 04 Marje Simay.jpg

“My favorite thing about the Old West was the clean air and the wide-open spaces.”

Marje Simay, Burbank, Calif., resident

19-08-28 05 Maribell Rivas .jpg

“I love the wagons and the simplicity of the times then.”

Maribell Rivas, Hailey resident

19-08-28 06 Calvin Chatfield.jpg

“There were a lot less people and more open space.”

Calvin Chatfield, Horseman

19-08-28 07 Missy Lipton.jpg

“Being able to ride up to the saloon and park it out front.”

Missy Lipton, Horse riding instructor

19-08-28 08 Pete Lee.jpg

“I love the simplicity of life and the fresh air.”

Pete Lee, Part-time Sun Valley resident

19-08-28 09 Elk Spencers.jpg

“I appreciate the effort it took back then to get anything accomplished. I loved the hats, too!”

Elk Spencer, Board Bin employee

19-08-28 10 Wilder Curtis.jpg

The simplicity of life and how the Old West led to the freedom of America.”

Wilder Curtis, Student at Chapman University

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