Who has been the most influential woman in your life?


01 Madeline Nelson.jpg

“Melinda Gates because she made a huge impact at Microsoft and she does philanthropy for women and girls throughout the world.”

Madeline Nelson, Valley walker

02 Elaine French.jpg

“Nancy Pelosi because she sets an amazing example for the kinds of positions of power that women can reach for.”

Elaine French, Ketchum skier

03 Bex Wilkinson.jpg

“Frida Kahlo because she is the most creative woman in the face of suffering.”

Bex Wilkinson, Ketchum resident

04 katherine Sharger.jpg

“Elle Woods because she’s an inspiration to all female lawyers.”

Katherine Sharger, Los Angeles attorney

05 Noemi Garcia.jpg

“My mom because she’s very supportive to me and a great listener.”

Noemi Garcia, Sun Valley employee

06 Mayra Gomez.jpg

“My mother because she’s the hardest worker and she raised me well.”

Mayra Gomez, Sun Valley employee

07 Cindy Hurtado.jpg

“My mom because she’s been through so much in her lifetime. She’ll always be there for me.”

Cindy Hurtado, Hailey resident

08 Gisella Wiethorn.jpg

“My mother because she’s a very strong woman. She works hard to support the family.”

Gisella Wiethorn, Ketchum resident

09 Keeley Kahill.jpg

“My mom because she’s a selfless person. She taught me how to be a good host and socializer.”

Keeley Kahill, Future designer

10 Sara kenefick.jpg

“My grandma because she went through a divorce then went to law school at the age of 40.”

Sara Kenefick, Future TikTok star

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