The Sheep Tales Gathering, seen here in 2016, presents a panel of sheep industry participants telling their stories about their lives and work.

The 26th annual Trailing of the Sheep Festival will feature the Sheep Tales Gathering at 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 7 at The Argyros in Ketchum. The keynote event will spotlight unique stories from prominent women in the ranching industry. It is slated to be moderated by Mike Guerry, president of Guerry Inc., a family-owned ranching operation based out of Castleford, Idaho.

For Laura Drake, executive director of the festival, the storytelling aspect of the event is the cornerstone of the festivities, as it passes on the stories of the region’s ranching heritage to the next generation. The storytelling also chronicles the heritage and history being lived out today and gives residents a true connection to the herding and ranching industry.

“Although every event has its own impact on the festival, the storytelling aspect keeps the history of our region alive,” Drake said. “I think it’s an intimate experience that gives the ability to access stories from those who have lived the life and make meaningful connections.

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