Ore Wagon Museum

The Ore Wagon Museum at 500 East Ave. in Ketchum is bolstered by artifacts and information from The Community Library and the Blaine County Museum.

Ketchum’s Ore Wagon Museum teamed up with the Blaine County Museum and The Community Library for the first time this year, working to amass a collection of stories, artifacts and regional history that provides the most in-depth historical retelling to date of the founding of Ketchum, the mining industry of the area and many other fascinating stories of the Wood River Valley’s vibrant history—just in time for Wagon Days 2022.

Wagon Days event coordinator Heather LaMonica Deckard said this collaboration offers visitors and locals alike an unmatched glimpse into the area’s past.

“We are really fortunate that we have these three organizations willing to partner and create these public resources for the community,” she said. The “pop-up museum” tells the story of the founding of Ketchum, the mining history and heritage and the various cultures that met in the Wood River Valley, she said.

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