More than a dozen local healers, yoga and meditation instructors and guides, adventurers, advocates and lifestyle wellness supporters will come together to impart their knowledge on Sun Valley Wellness Festival & Conferences attendees.

Three will offer workshops throughout the week, while others will offer specialized yoga, meditation and more. For the full schedule, see Page 6.

Jody Stanislaw

    In 1980, Stanislaw was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, a life-long disease in which the body does not produce insulin, the hormone that the body needs to get glucose from the bloodstream into cells to use as energy.

    Today, Stanislaw works to improve the lives of others around the world living with this disease and focuses on helping people achieve optimal blood sugar levels and find enjoyment in healthy, low-carb eating. But the lifestyle she teaches to many was learned over decades of experimentation with her own diet, from the “exchange diet” in the 1980s, which required every bite of food to be weighed and measured to allow only a limited amount of carbs, protein, fat and fruit throughout the day, to the “eat whatever you want and just take more insulin” diet, which is still being taught today by physicians, according to Stanislaw.

    Stanislaw says that type of “extreme freedom” with eating habits is dangerous because it leads to roller-coaster blood sugar levels, which can be dangerous. Instead, Stanislaw armed herself with education and in 2002 pursued a doctorate in naturopathic medi-cine to expand her expertise and begin sharing her knowledge.

    In 2013, she started a virtual practice along with a series of online videos to help reach pa-tients around the world struggling with the same disease and has since helped thousands of patients from more than 30 states and 10 countries. At the Wellness Festival, Stanislaw will share some of her favorite easy and quick low-carb snacks, meals and treats to maintain a low-carb, healthy diet during a workshop session.

Gerry Moffatt

    Gerry Moffatt is a legend. A Scottish native, Moffatt has spent 35 years guiding in the Himalayas and around the world. Considered by National Geographic to be the “most experienced river guide in the Himalayas,” Moffatt and his wife co-founded the nonprofit Thunder Dragon Fund, and are based part time in Ketchum and part time in Pokhara, Nepal, where they work full time on world-class adventure travel, expedition guiding, filmmaking, writing, education, nonprofit management, advocacy, grassroots organizing and social entrepreneurship.

    At the Sun Valley Wellness Festival, Moffatt will present a workshop focused on helping people understand what it takes to tackle change, take risks and grow through the process. The workshop will offer a unique combination of multimedia presentation on em-bracing the unknown with hands-on coaching exercises to help people implement an ongoing practice that supports self-awareness about their own barriers to change.

    Celebrating 20 years of so-briety, Moffatt celebrated his 50th

birthday with a 108-day, 4,000-mile

motorcycle ride across the Him-

alayas, from Ladakh to the eas-tern edge of Bhutan, to document and better understand the changes he’s witnessed over 30 years of living there. Through that journey, Moffatt discovered that life does not always give you what you want, but always gives you what you need.

Lea Flocchini

    Lea Flocchini is a spiritual counselor/mentor with 30-plus years of experience  teaching medi-

tation and mindfulness practices that gently guide people to dis-

cover their authentic self in a practical and joyful way. She is a nondenominational minister with a 25-year private counseling practice.

    Flocchini is an ongoing student and advanced trainer/meditation instructor with O&O Academy, a revolutionary philosophy and meditation school in India, whose vision is to transform human consciousness, igniting lasting change in the way we live. At the foundation of her life is the belief that the only way to change the outer world is to make a radical shift in one’s inner world. She lives by the mantra “the sky is not the limit.”

    Floicchini will offer a trans-formational workshop to “explore factors that cause stressful inner states and discover how those states limit our connection and creativity,” according to the Sun Valley Wellness Festival website. “INNER (r)EVOLUTION” is based on neuroscience and balanced with ancient processes and simple practices to shift the inner state. The workshop will teach about the distinct inner states of being/consciousness and offer a three-minute practice for moving into a calm, creative consciousness and

a separate process to initiate a neu-robiological shift for connection and healing.

    Other locals hosting sessions and playing a role in the festival include Ryan Redman, Traci Ireland, Blair Brown, Erica Linson, Ashley Clark, Brenda Powell, Beth Stuart, Katherine Pleasant, Cathie Caccia and Star Amrit.

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