Blaine County demographics

Crowds watch a Fourth of July parade in Hailey. The city's restaurants, bars and coffee shops—and short-term rental hosts—enjoyed a profitable summer, according to local-option tax receipts shared by the city.

The Wood River Valley has long been made up of a range of demographic extremes, from many very wealthy people who use their vacation homes only periodically, mainly in the north valley, to those living on a shoestring, located primarily in the south valley.

The median age increasingly runs from higher in the north to younger in the south valley. Ethnic diversity is highest in the south valley, where in some areas the Latino community makes up more than half the population.

The total population of Blaine County was 24,272 in 2020 and has likely risen considerably since the last census. Data compiled by Sun Valley Economic Development shows an increase from 2010 to 2020 in the number of new households earning at both ends of the economic spectrum. Newcomers tend to be upscale and from the West Coast, and from South America.

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