22-12-30 Snapshots 1 Peters.jpg

“To make more art like, experimental collages, and to bring a young Ukrainian woman to Montana to pursue her degree in art.”

Valley Peters

Bozeman, Montana

22-12-30 Snapshots 2 Bitler.jpg

“Read more. I want to read one book each month.”

Becca Bitler


22-12-30 snapshots 3 Casper.jpg

“World peace, abundance and optimal health. Before one reaches the universal, one must first go through the particular. It’s imperative to start on an individual or local level before aspiring to reach a global scale.”

Eryka Seimona Casper

Malibu, California

22-12-30 Snapshots  4 Allfrey.jpg

“I want to travel more internationally, eat out at restaurants less and spend more time with family and loved ones.”

Georgia Allfrey

Newport Beach, California

22-12-30 Snapshots 5 Dunn.jpg

“Talk to more people, making more connections. And, to put my phone away and introduce myself to more people while standing in line at Starbucks.”

Maddy Dunn


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