ASPEN, Colo.—Development of new hotels has been moving forward in Aspen.

    The Aspen Times reports that the city council has now approved the second of two hotels, called Base1 and Base2. Together, they will offer 81 rooms. The developer, Mark Hunt, plans to open the two hotels by the end of next year. Rooms are to be smaller than 200 square feet and rent for $200 per night.

    By Aspen standards, that’s affordable—something town leaders have said it is important to maintain. That affordability was one reason that the town council gave the developer a substantial allowance on mass, 15,000 square feet, or more than twice the normal limit for a lot that size.

    But will the hotels stay relatively affordable? A former mayor, Mick Ireland, appeared as a citizen to ask for more than good-faith assurances. He didn’t get his way.

    A few blocks away, owners of the Boomerang Lodge plan to move forward on construction of a 47-unit condominium-hotel along with several other free-market residential units and two employee housing units. The approvals for the work were given in 2006, The Times explains, but the work was stalled by the Great Recession.

    The existing lodge, which is closed and blighted, according to the Times, was built by an Austrian immigrant, with the first units open in 1956. This was early in Aspen’s post-World War II renaissance as a ski resort. Charles Paterson, the immigrant, had studied at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin studio in Wisconsin.

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